More Google products in the hands of Sundar Pichai

Record shows that Google search engine always welcomes and encourages the genious people on its company. Many tech geeks around the globe has officially contrinuted their knowledge to this giant corporation.

According to the Recode website, Google’s CEO is so pleased with the work of Sundar Pichai, currently the chief development officer for Chrome and Android, who plans to move more products into the hands of the executive.

Sources close to Page reveal that the co-founder has shown some concern about the innovative side of Google and believes that Pichai have the ability to look at the whole picture and find a future for the company.

The publication further informs that Pichai must assume all “major Google products” except YouTube, which will remain under the control of Lary Page.

Other products like Nest, Google X and Calico should also remain on Page control.


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