Android with holographic display will arrives in 2018

A startup called Leia Inc., introduced the first Android smartphone with holographic display on the market.

With no need for special glasses, the 5.7-inch screen Hydrogen One is capable of designing 3D objects that can be viewed from different angles based on the user’s physical position.

“For example, a mapping application might theoretically seem to show a small model of a city with buildings coming off the screen. You could then interact with the objects through gestures, “says The Verge.

The technology works by means of diffraction, producing illumination in a layer of nanostructures added to the conventional LCD screen. Unfortunately, this can not be visualized through recordings.

Two models of Hydrogen One have been announced: TITANIUM for $ 1,595 and ALUMINUM for $ 1,195, which arrive in the first quarter of 2018.






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