A girl killed her hubby for Youtube Views

Here is a very sad news, Though this happened accidently but the craze of the youtube made a girl to kill her husband in USA .

According to the American TV channel WVTM 13 , a YouTuber died on Wednesday (06/28) after being shot while recording a video for a YouTube channel . (you can visit their channel here)

“While Ruiz held a thick book in front of his chest, he instructed Perez to shoot him with a .50 caliber pistol. They wanted to see if the book could stop the bullet, “the report said.

Despite the presence of a helicopter in the place, the boy finished to die due to the serious injury caused by the shot of fire (Desert eagle).

Perez, who is seven months pregnant with her second child, is charged with second-degree murder and reckless handling of a pistol. She’s stuck.

In an interview with Valley News, the aunt of the boy, Claudia de Ruiz, said that both sought more viewers and subscribers to their channel. It is really a sad story . RIP

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