Facebook has announced the launch of Personal Fundraisers, a tool that will allow social network users to start a fundraiser for non-profit initiatives.

Some are criticising facebook for this as an act of the copying of Gofundme, but Facebook stated that they are committed to building tools that help to build a global community of support and security.

Personal Fundraisers allows you to create momentum for charitable initiatives , where users can donate with few clicks or clicks within Facebook, through a secure payment platform and without leaving the social network portal FACEBOOK.

When people mobilize around the causes that concern them, they build a safe and supportive community. Charitable donation tools will make it easier for people to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits to give to the needy directly through Facebook. Today the social network is expanding those tools to include personal fundraisers as well as more options for people to continue to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

Personal fundraisers allow people to collect money for themselves, a friend or someone or something that is not part of Facebook, for example, a pet. Initially this new option will be launched in the US for people 18 and older, and gradually it will be available to other countries, as the company hopes to continue learning and improve the product to make it even more useful.

As stated by facebook, they will begin with six specific categories for critical financial needs and will include a 24-hour fundraising review process. As you pick up more, they point out, they hope to expand their categories and automate more of the review process.

You can raise money to cover the costs related to:

  • Education : as classes, books or classroom materials
  • Doctors : as medical procedures, treatments or injury
  • Pet Medical : as veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries
  • Relief in crisis : as public crises or natural disasters
  • Personal emergency : such as house arson, theft or car accident
  • Funeral and Loss : such as burial expenses or living expenses after losing a loved one

Verified Pages can now add donation buttons to their LIVE broadcasts. This gives public figures, brands, businesses and organizations new ways to raise funds on Facebook for non-profit organizations they support. People who watch the live stream can donate while watching, or give once the broadcast has ended and posted on the page.

I am alwasys inspired by all the good things done by people on Facebook.

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