Watch this cute video of young Juckerberg being accepted in Harvard

The CEO of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg , has surprised his followers on the social network after sharing a very rare and a special video of his teenage, when he was accepted in Harvard University.

It is the moment when Zuckerberg’s father comes to his room while he tries to find out if he has been accepted into Harvard University . Sitting on the bed, in front of his computer and in his pajamas, you can see a young man Mark Zuckerberg eager to see if the prestigious university has accepted his request.

A young Zuckerberg in pajamas sitting on his bed in front of the computer. So the Facebook CEO learned that he had been accepted at Harvard. Alongside the video, Zuckerberg has written that next week he will pick up his title.

Zuckerberg’s father asks anxiously what he puts in the email, to which his son responds: “I have been accepted,” while his father can not contain the joy.

Along with the video, the creator of the social network Facebook wrote: “My father recorded this video when I was accepted at Harvard. Next week I will return to pick up my title.”

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