Earned a verified certificate with a signature track

It was exciting and enjoyable moment with Dr. Charles Severance, of  University of Michigan, on the coursera online class. Recently I have successfully completed Internet history Technology and Security course online & recieved a verified certificate with signature track. More interesting, it was the first coursera class to offer a virtual graduation ceremony online. Dr. Severance (IHTS instructor and associate professor in the School of information at the University of Michigan) was really inspiring and warm personality. Each and every class was intere

Verified Certificate Krishna Thapa

Certificate of Accomplishment


I have been enrolled for other non credit online courses and got the certificate of accomplishments too, but this was my first verified certificate with signature track in coursera.  Because of our busy daily schedule and the nature of our job,  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)s are best oppertunity to learn from home and earn credits online. I am being a little more serious for 2014, My upcoming course is CS50 with professor David J. Malan of Harvard University. If you are also thinking to study online, just join with me together at Harvard Extension School.





Course Record

Course Record


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