Tips to ensure the security of your blog

How to secure of your blog from hack

Have you ever wondered if your blog is safe from the myriad of hacks? Surely you invest hours of your daily time in building attractive and quality content and need to protect it from hacking, just as you protect your properties and privacy on the internet.

Today, we are going to address the four issues that most concern content creators when it comes to blog security. Follow the tips below and stay safe:

1 – Make backups regularly

When was the last time you made a copy of your blog? Do not leave everything on the hand of your hosting provider. This is the simplest tip and the one that is the most overlooked by all. A backup of your blog is like car insurance, you do it cheering so you do not have to, but it’s very important to have one.
This is critical to doing a restore of your content in case of server invasion or serious failure. Therefore, schedule yourself to create a backup routine with your content.

2-Protection from hacking or invasion
Protecting your blog from hacking is a question that involves a number of small procedures, but that combined, are effective. The first (and simplest of them) is to protect your dashboard by using a different ADMIN profile from the author. Protect the administrator with extreme care and use the author for small operations on your blog.

Another key tip is to research more about the plug-ins that you install on your WordPress. A malicious plugin can redirect your visitor to other sites, spread malicious code and identify your blog as a threat in the browser filter such as Google Chrome.

Another risk is an invasion generated by a virus directed to your computer. In this case, the same advice applies to the average user. Update your antivirus often has a secured browser phishing and other malware, as well as pay attention to your browsing habits and what you share and tells your visitor.

3 Report duplicate content (fight plagiarism)
Sometime hackers somehow get all of your content. What has happened is hackers have scrapped (copied) all or almost all of the content of your page and the hacked the lespedi site by adding your content on the site so the page would show in search results but the site is hacked so that requests redirect to their sites (Malware or porn sites). The hackers have scrapped 100s of sites using the content from those sites to redirect to their porn sites.

In this case click the feedback link and let Google know what is going on. Discourage plagiarism and frequently report the site owner against it. Try to prevent plagiarism and you should request to delete immidiately the plagiarized content.

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