‘Page rank’ is officially recognised by Oxford dictionary

Cartoons illustrating basic principle of pagerank. The size of each face is propotonal to the total size of the other faces which are pointing to it.

The Oxford English Dictionary officially added the word ” Page Rank ” in its dictionaries as of this month.

Also known as “page ranking“, the noun received the following description:

“A value assigned to a web page as a measure of its popularity or importance, used to determine the order in which search engine results are presented,”

the publication says.

Created by Google co-founder Larry Page, the ranking concept measured by Page rank is given by the number of backlinks or votes /recomendations a page receives.

A vote is a link from anywhere on the internet to that page. Votes from more important pages are worth more than less important page votes. For example, if you have proper backlinks form other reliable websites, the chances of your ‘PAGE RANK” will be high.

But backlinks and recomendations are no the only factors to consider page rankings because lots of automated softwares and bots are manipulating the links so google has currently over one hundred factors, which are analyzed by algorithms to determine the relevance of a page in Google’s search results.

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