Oops! Google did not buy Apple for $ 9 billion

A vews became viral recently quoting that ‘Apple was being purchaged by Google incorporation at 9 billion Dollar.’ Sounds interesting right ? But it was said to be merely a “technical error”. The news involving Google and Apple was published without any base and its totally fake.

If we believe the publication, which gone viral, Google was acquiring Apple for $ 9 billion, and that the agreement had been established with Steve Jobs in his will.LOL.

But anyway for a brief time, fake news about a possible takeover has raised Apple’s stock by about $ 2 to $ 158, probably caused by automatic algorithms.

“Please ignore the headlines on the Dow Jones Newswires between 9:34 am and 9:36 pm. Due to a technical error, some headlines have been posted. All these headlines are being removed. We apologize for the mistakes. ”

Nowadays, Google does not have enough money to buy the giant APPLE, which has been already one of the top level IT based business company.

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