Mandawa , the rural essence of Haveli

Hello, although I know it’s summer and what I like most is to enjoy beach destinations … I wanted to take you to the interior of the province of Rajasthan, yes !, in India. In addition we will leave the typical visit to the most emblematic places of India to mingle with the rural people.

In spite of being an unusual destination, little by little is introduced a tourism in search of history and lovers of architecture, … in addition Mandawa is very close to the “pink” city of Jaipur and in the middle of the route since New Delhi (bypassing us a bit).

The city of Mandawa , was founded relatively recently, was in the mid-eighteenth century, when the city began to be inhabited by the families of wealthy merchants. Rich and powerful merchants built a lot of havelis, adorned all walls and interior with beautiful murals, for the purpose of having a striking and luxurious residence.

However , over time, traders moved and migrated to other areas, leaving the beautiful havelis in the shadows of anonymity.

Still, the magnificence of these havelis has not diminished and now have become a major tourist attraction of Mandawa City as well as other nearby cities, certainly have much to offer, lots of history and lots of culture.

The murals or frescoes that decorate the beautiful “haveli” of Mandawa, have seen the themes changing from time to time. In previous days, mythology dominated the themes of frescoes, showing local legends, animals, portraits, hunting scenes and wrestling. In the 19th century a change in paintings was noted to reflect British influence (Raj) in Indian culture. Traditional subjects were traded for cars, trains, balloons, telephones, gramophones, English men in hunting suits and portraits of the owners of the immaculately dressed Haveli.

There will also be people who will want to charge you to see their houses, … in many cases, they will try to take advantage and will charge a very high amount compared to the quality of life in this area of ​​Rajasthan.

You will notice that people live here in ceramics, clothes and small shops … but you will notice that a souvenir stands out above the others and they are the typical puppets, buying some aid to the local craftsman.

Given the heat and humidity of the area where they reach 45ºC in summer, the best time to visit is from October to March.


Certain is that … restaurants are not going to find as you expected .. you can buy some potato sacks and soft drinks … stay at the Castle Mandawa Hotel where I certainly think that they have gone a little head with those prices that are not even paid in The center of Europe.

But there is a place to which, especially for dinner, we go every day of my stay there … although I do not remember the name, let alone the street, it is located by the salts of Castle Mandawa and you take the main street to the left … it is a roof as well You must climb about 3 or 4 floors up but the food is ok and the people or family that lives and works there is very very friendly.



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