Instant Articles is a product launched by Facebook over a year ago which allows publishers to create quick and interactive articles for users of this social network. Initially Instant articles were only available for few hundred publishers, but from the month of April 2017 its commonly available and thousands of publishers are already into this exciting experiment.

It is almost similar to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which aims to solve the problem of slow-loading content on smaartphones and other digital devices.

Instant Articles – which feature a lightning bolt (Messenger) symbol at the top corner of the user feed – use the same technology that is used to quickly display photos and videos in the Facebook application, Articles are loaded up to 10 times faster than standard news articles, achieving an average of 20% more readings and a considerable decrease in the abandonment of articles by users.

With the new functionality being tested, publishers will simply choose articles and an image or video that will serve as a cover for their Instant Articles packages.

Although facebook is still reviewing Instant Articles, Facebook hopes that this new functionality will allow it to help improve the experience of using Articles shared on Facebook, while providing a tool with great flexibility of use and possibilities of measurement and monitoring by The editors.

Users with the latest versions of the Facebook app for Android and iOS are eligible to see this type of posts in their news feed and on the Facebook pages of the news media.


Now lets talk about advertisement placements. Facebook’s Instant articles allow publishers full control on their content including ad placements, They also have the access to page analytics data. Actually, publishers can even sell their own advertisements directly to the advertisers for placement in Instant Articles and use their own tracking platforms, such as Google Analytics. If they do so they can keep 100% of the revenues made from the ads.

Alternatively, there is always the option to monetize content through the Facebook Audience Network.They can monetize or display advertisements through facebook audience network. This made easy for the small publishers like us. Facebook itself is serving the advertisement part.


To implement Instant Articles, you just need to have a facebook page with enough intereaction of people. Now lets talk about how to implemet the instant articles on your page ?

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