Is google shutting down the blogger ?

We all know that blogger is good platform to start blogging without any technical knowledge in internet. Its free and easy to handle. Easy to implement adsense too. To reach the readers, blogger is the most easy way which does not require any knowledge or effort for the publications to reach the readers. Authors, then, can focus themselves to create high-quality text. Its quite simple.

But recently the service of blogger is not like before. Some of my friends have complains on google that they have hundreds of contents posted on their blogger blog and suddenly google deleted both of their email and blog without giving even a single chance to clearify. It is happening several times with the new and old bloggers. Why?

The reason behind the deletion of blog or getting banned from the google is unknown in most of the cases. Since you may loose your contents or hard works at any time, isn’t it very sad that you dont have full control on your contents?

Released in 1999 and acquired by Google in 2003, Blogger is a publishing platform that has not kept pace with the internet. The latest wave of meaningful updates occurred in 2013, trying to integrate Blogger with Google+. but we all know that google plus is not as success as it supposed to be.


Until this same date, Google happily affirmed the existence of 500 million active users in the platform. However, in the last three years, Blogger has virtually disappeared from any social media ranking and gradually making more tough rules to its users. Though bloger is google’s product itself but blog reputation and search engine SEO are comparatively less than other platforms .

So there is a current debate among bloggers around the world ‘Would Blogger be on the way to shutdown?’ In my personal opinion its not closing soon, at least for a decade or more. Even its going to shut down it surely will bring you another option like Google code. So we dont worry about about the closing.

Happy blogging.

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