Google Pixel will have security updates until October 2019

Google has made public the “minimum refresh period” for its first smartphone, Google Pixel.

According to the company, the device will have security updates until October 2019 – for those which are sold from the Google Store.

“Pixel Smartphones receive security patches for at least three years from the first availability of the device on the Google Store or for at least 18 months from the last sale of the device by the Google Store, whichever period is longer. After that, we can not guarantee additional updates, “the company said.

With respect to the update of Android, however, the period follows the standard of 18 months, as well as other platform manufacturers.

Updates are scheduled to close in October 2018 for both Pixel and Pixel XL.

Smartphone There are no guarantees to update Android version after No warranty for security patch updates after
Pixel XL

October 2018

October 2019

October 2018

October 2019

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