Google Chrome will block annoying ads from 2018

Sometimes advertisements are so annoying that they they can harm your computer with unnecessary click bait scams and viruses. There are millions of click bait websites on the world which are generating revenues with such advertisements. Do you feel the same ? If you are, here is a good news for you, Google chrome is blocking such advertisements strictly after 2018.

If you are a publisher and displaying such advertisements knowingly and unknowingly on your websites, you have to think a new way to generate revenue. Google has announced that it will block ads from sites that violate the Better Ads Standards , including its own display network (GDN), beginning in early 2018.

“We believe online ads should be better. That’s why we joined the ‘Coalition for Better Ads‘, an industry group dedicated to improving online ads, ” published the company.

The coalition is currently formed by Google, Facebook, The Washington Post, News Corp., Procter & Gamble, Reuters and other organizations whose main focus will be to check annoying ads from spreading on the internet.

“In a discussion with Coalition and other industry groups, we plan to stop Chrome from serving ads (including those served by Google too) on sites that are not compatible with the Better Ads Standards from the beginning of 2018,” says the note. .

Through Google Console Search, publishers will be able to get an app experience report on their websites and fix any “industry-identified” blocks as drawbacks.

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