Despite the good sales against the problems faced by Samsung in 2016, Apple’s initiatives have disappointed the market and the public who expected more from the brand.

As a result of this slowdown, Brand Finance claims that Apple lost the most valuable brand in the world to Google in which GOOGLE resumes its position after 5 years.

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Yes the search engine emperor Google becomes the most valuable brand in the world

“Apple was unable to maintain its technological advantage and repeatedly disillusioned its advocates with adjustments when material changes were expected,” the study authors said.


Analysts further say Apple “exploited the goodwill” of its customers and was unable to generate significant revenue from products such as Apple Watch and also showed an inability to “demonstrate truly innovative technologies.”

Brand Finance says Google’s monetary value has raised to $ 109.5 billion last year, a 24 percent increase from the total.

On the other hand, Apple fell from $ 145.9 billion the previous year to $ 107.1 billion, according to the study.

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