During the Google I / O developer conference, Google announced that there are more than 2 billion pages of AMP technology, with a total of about 900,000 domains.

According to the Google’s Mountain View Headquater, these pages are loaded twice as fast as previously through adjustments made to Google’s own servers.

“The new AMP speed gains in Google search are due to several key optimizations we made to the Google AMP cache, such as rendering AMP components and reducing the use of image bandwidth by 50%, without affecting the Perceived quality, “the company said.

And things do not stop there, Google has also announced that it hopes to extend AMP’s technology to e-commerce sites – with Ebay using AMP across all its product pages – and cover more ad formats for the platform.

Twitter, on the other hand, has instead marked AMP links as the default in their mobile apps for Android and iOS – just as it currently is on Google+.

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