How to get google’s payment in Israel?

Many publishers in Israel are making good money through their blogs using Google AdSense. I’ve noticed that Israeli bloggers have less interest to be a Google publisher unlike India, Portugal or other countries. But hundreds of foreigners residing in Israel are making money with this.

Many of them don’t have Israeli bank account. That’s why they are confused whether the postal account is valid or not. And they hesitate to participate in Google’s EFT (Electronic funds transfer system) to get their monthly income electrically transferred to their accounts to receive payments directly.

Basically EFT  stands for Electronic Fund Transfer where the amount is directly transferred to the consumers Bank Account. So google’s this Payment mode EFT definitely solve the problems caused by check payment method.



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Google’s check system was very long process and risky too, so that it’s eliminated with EFT. Are you worrying that you dont have bank account, credit card or any form of electronic payment option? Here is a good news, In this post I will show you step by step guide to get your google’s payment internationally transferred direct to your post account. (Almost all foreign workers have postal account in Israel)

How to get google’s payment in Israel?

1.Log in to your Adsense account and click on GEAR icon of the right side.
2.Select Payments, then visit your Payment settings.
2.Click Add new payment method.
3.Fill this form carefully,



4. Then click on ‘save’
5. Wait for two / three days, google will deposit small amounts of money in your account.(needs to verify in Israel).Check your account and note the exact amount that has been transfered. (It may appear •CITIBANK IRELAND FINANCIAL SERVICES) in your statement.



6. Go to your account, you will see an alert message on your dashboard, something like this (This account’s payment method needs to be verified, click here! )


just click and put the exact amount deposited on your post account. Dont make mistake, you have only few chances to attempt. After you put the right test deposit amount on the given form, your account will be verified immediately.





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