Easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know that facebook is the most popular and user friendly social networking site. And it already has been a part of everyone’s daily life where most of us spend hours reading, chatting and surfing our friends, relatives and strangers.

Do you know that there are many simple and easy Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts to use this networking site? Here are some usefull facebook keyboard shortcuts for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users, its quite simple, just remember them and you will enjoy.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts.

Mozilla Firefox

Shift+Alt+1: View your News Feed
Shift+Alt+2: View your own Profile
Shift+Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
Shift+Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
Shift+Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
Shift+Alt+6: View Account Settings
Shift+Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
Shift+Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
Shift+Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.
Shift+Alt+0: Open Facebook Help Center

Google Chrome

Alt+1: View your News Feed
Alt+2: View your own Profile
Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
Alt+6: View Account Settings
Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.

The best shortcut that I use is if you close a tab on accident and want to reopen it just Press CTRL + Shift + T and if you keep pushing it, it will open other tabs you have closed.

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