Facebook closed the first quarter accounts with a turnover of $ 8.03 billion. That represents a 50% increase when compared to revenues a year ago. The largest social network on the Internet Facebook has a competetion on advertisement with Google the most sophisticated technology in Silicon Valley. Facebook profit rose to 3,065 million, up 75%.

Facebook billing, in fact, grows faster than its user base. At the end of March, it accounted for 1,940 million active accounts per month, 17% more than it had a year ago. However, the implication grows and that’s what attracts advertisers. Of this total, 1.280 million users come to the social network on a daily basis. In this case represents an increase of 18% on the annual basis.

Wall Street analysts, in fact, are more focused on the tools of data analysis that develops for small and medium-sized companies rather than advertisements in the realm of virtual reality and artificial intelligence , because their adoption is the one that Will determine the growth potential of the company. These products allow advertisers to better define their campaigns.

Facebook and Google are the rivals to beat in the business of electronic advertising. This type of analysis tools allow them to raise ad prices. The two technologies compete in parallel for biting the advertising investment that advertisers spend on television, boosting their platforms as distributors of audiovisual content.

The titles of the social network were appreciated more than 30% during the last. Its shares were paid at 152 dollars a unit before publishing its results, very close to the maximum. Facebook has at this price a capitalization of 441.4 billion. What investors want to understand now is where is the limit on the number of ads that can offer a user without creating a rejection.

Facebook, however, is not a perfect world. The last months were turbulent by the controversy generated by the diffusion of false news and of content of violent type, like live murders. The social network has just announced in this regard the hiring of 3,000 employees who will be dedicated to identifying the “inappropriate” content that is hung on the social network and erase it.

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