Facebook announces improvements in its Video Rights

Facebook has announced the launch of New automated tools to improve its support for the business objectives of Rights Manager users. Rights Manager is a tool launched by the company some time ago, which aims to help its users protect their videos on a large scale by helping them find matches with content posted on Facebook.

Previously, rights owners of a video should review all matches found and displayed on the Rights Manager dashboard, and manually take action on each of them. With the new update, the video rights management process will be more efficient as more actions can be automated and more options will be available than can be done with any content with which there is a match.

The first of the new features within Rights Manager is Match Actions, a tool by which you can pre-establish an automated action whenever you identify copyright protected content. With Match Actions, four new automated actions can be established :

To block

The copyright protected content if it is copied & shared, authorization will be blocked, which will prevent it from being displayed on the Facebook platform.

Request Ad Income

It will allow protected content owners to request a proportion of the revenue generated if an ad is deployed on a video that matches the reference file that the owner of their rights has uploaded.


It will allow the content to be displayed on Facebook, where the video owner will be able to monitor the metrics associated with it. The owners of the videos may apply a different action at any time.

Manually review matches

Send the content owner a notification to review and take action manually.


The second of the new functions, called Match Conditions, establishes more conditions which determines the owners of the copyrighted content, by automated actions. There are addition of privacy types, video owner will be able to establish greater categorizations by taking into account the geographic location of the viewer, the type of content, the duration of the content fragment under coincidence, the type Of the page from which it is published and the type of privacy applied.

These updates have already begun to be deployed globally in Facebook pages as a Rights Manager.


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