Apple will manufacture its iPhone in India

There are still so much population on earth where the smartphones have not reached yet. And manufacturers still have a great opportunity to grow. India is one of them which has a great potential to grow any business. Its a big country with a large population of over 1,200 million, where Apple will start making its iPhone from this year.

This week we have got the last financial statement of Apple. Tim Cook , the CEO repeated once again that India is a country where they should grow their business properly and launch their production locally. Today we know that Apple will manufacture its phone there, confirmed from the Ministry of Technology and Information of the Government of Karnataka, state in southern India.

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The iphone manufaturing plant will be in Bangalore, India, a city with almost 6 million inhabitants, Banglore is also considered as india’s own “Silicon Valley”, where there are many of the technology companies of the country .


More than 750 million smartphone expected in India, by 2020

For manufacturing, they will partner with the Taiwanese of Wistron Corp. Apple has clear vision on its mind that the company must has to grow in a country where apple’s smartphones represent only 2% of the market. In the Indian field stands Samsung smartphones and other Chinese manufacturers, but growth expectations are spectacular: it is estimated that more than 750 million smartphones will go in india’s market by the end of 2020.

With this scenario, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) take positions in India, where 30% of all the components they use should be manufactured domestically, boosting the job oppurtinities and overall economy in that area. Good luck Apple !


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