There are very short listed heavenly places on earth that can compare with the enchanting beauty of Cyprus. This sweet, carefree and gentle island observes the European culture with ancient history. This small island is rich in classic, historic architecture and traditions. Where ever you go in Cyprus, you will notice that you are walking through the past, through the history.

It  took us almost more than one hour to reach to the Limassol from Larnaca International Airport. My friend Parmeshwor and the staffs of the ‘Mistral’ were waiting for our arrival. As we reached the beautiful town of Limassol Marina, the overwhelming beauty of the ocean and the colorful sunset was already on the horizon of the sky. We were on the vicinity of of exciting nightlife and other attractions of this beautiful city.

If someone wants Nepali dishes like Momos, Dal Bhat Tarkari or even Pani Puri, GYANU DIDI was there to prepare and serve with a big smile.

Limassol on the island of Cyprus is a treasure trove & one of the most exciting tourist destination of Europe. It promises unforgettable moments and countless exciting experiences for the travelers around the world. We just have been stepped in this beautiful city not only to spend our holiday but to collect sweet moments and to have some exciting, adventurous, historical and to make beautiful memories too.

लिमासोल सिटी बस स्टेसन पछाडी देखिएको गिर्जाघर

Of course, the experiences can never be described in words but here are some points to be noted as an unforgettable things and places while we were in Limassol.

1) Limassol Marina
Living on the sea ? Sounds interesting, right ? Here If you are travelling Cyprus, You will experience this too. Limassol Marina is the height of luxury in Cyprus which is a cosmopolitan hub for waterfront developments that have breathtaking views of the blue ocean, drinking, dining, shopping, cruises, and most exclusive beaches in Cyprus. It has many exciting activities that you can take part in, such as windsurfing, water-skiing, motor-boating, scuba diving, sailing, swimming and fishing.

If you are interested, you can also find champion golf courses and additionally other water sports to take part in. Cyprus has adapted the unique characteristic throughout history and in modern times which showcases a culture that expertly blends influences from the East and the West. Limassol Marina is a beautiful model that demonstrates this example perfectly.

2) Limassol Castle
This is one of the most historical castle to visit in Cyprus which has a remarkable history. This castle was likely to be an ancient Byzantine Castle or the one that took its place over the early Frankish period dates back to 1228. There are just the remaining and the ruins of the original fort, we can just imagine its existence. The castle’s chambers and stretching corridors, it also houses a large basement that has undergone extensive refurbishment and decoration from each of the hands it has passed through.


It has now been converted to a historical museum you can enter with 4.5 Euro. In the right side of the yard, a big piece of the very important mosaic floors of the Basilica of Ayia Mavri in Alassa have been placed date back to the Late Roman Age. And on the left side southeastern corner, there is an 7th – 9th century AD oil-mill from Dameftis region at Kourris River. There are basilicas dating back to the Early Christian occupation, Byzantine monuments, and structural features that bear medieval hallmarks. It is a veritable time capsule of Cypriot history’s great empires and the vibrant tapestry of the island’s history. This is just one example of the countless, gorgeous monuments embellishing the Cypriot coast.


3) Kolossi Castle
In 1191 King Richard I of England conquered Cyprus defeating the emperor of cyprus Isaac Commenus. Isaac Comnenus was the Byzantine Governor of Cyprus who declared himself an independent ruler of Cyprus. It is a fine example of military architecture originally built in the 13th century. It served first as the Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar, and after the fall of Acre in 1291 for some years, as the headquarters of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. This castle is situated just outside the Kolossi in Limassol. Kolossi was the was famous for its production of Sugar and wine. It has a also a history related to wine ‘Commandaria’, which is the world’s oldest branded wine still in production, dating back to the crusades in the 12th century. A visit to this castle is a reminder of Cyprus’ invaluable role in human history. The castle (now a ruin), still bears the coats of arms of its former owners on its sandy walls and a visit is essential for all guests with a keen interest in history.

4) Ancient Kourion
Everyone who is keen interested in history, may visit this site Kourion, which is an exhibit of Cypriot antiquity. This site is particularly good for the intrepid explorer who likes to scout over ruins with their own agenda (as we did 😉 ). Since guided tours are not offered here, you may explore yourself with many information boards containing insight into the landmarks in this site. There are intricate mosaics, large buildings, and amazing statues and so all interests are accounted for. The site is totally wheelchair accessible and so enjoyable for all.


5) My Mall
It is a very nice mall in the Limassol. Number 30 intercity bus took us there at 1.5 Euro and travelling through the bus station is so easy. We decided to go to My Mall to get out of the heat. There is much brands and overall prices are normal lower. They offer a refund above 50 euro for tax so u can collect it from the airport. Its a pleasant place to spend an afternoon with a variety of shops, boutiques and cafes. The center is spread over two floors with a ice rink in the center on the ground floor which is the most exciting feature of this mall. There is balling and ice skying, a marvelous experience. Not too crowded but a good mix of outlets of different varieties.

6) Speedboat Rides & Water sports
The clear, blue waters around the island of Cyprus provides a wonderful ride for its guest, visitors and locals. This way you can explore Cyprus from a different perspective in boats or jet skis. If you’re looking for a nice gentle ride, or a fast ride full of adrenaline, you can arrange your needs. The most exciting feture is no prior experience is necessary. Beside that they also profide you the necessary safety and insurance.

You can have lots of water rides in the blue sea of Limassol such as Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle, Waterski, Kitesurfing, Flyboard, Jet-ski and different Power boats for rentals. There are also inflatable rides. If you love adventure, you can have Jet-ski for two persons in 100 to 150 Euro for 30 minutes. If you are going to experience windsurfing you need to have learned or previous lessons and you must have to pay for the insurance too.

7) Jai Ho
Being a Nepali, a very close to Indian culture, we have almost similar tastes on our food. As we love our own spicy taste, we came to know JAI HO which offers traditionally cooked Indian specialties. It is situated near the sculpture garden of Limassol with a warm welcome to serve a lunch and Dinner or drink at the bar revealing a light, music, contemporary and spacious interior. If someone wants Nepali dishes like Momos, Dal Bhat Tarkari or even Pani Puri, GYANU DIDI was there to prepare and serve with a big smile. You can have Dhum Pukht Biryani – a one dish meal dating back to 18th century (as they said) from Northern India,  a royal delight among the Kings, it’s cooked in a slow simmering pot with hot coals placed on top and sealed with dough to preserve it’s natural taste, aromas and flavors. While we arere in Limassol, we ate every lunch and dinner in Jai ho. Being in Jai Ho was one of the sweetest memory we ever had in Cyprus.

The list may be very long, like
8) Old Cathedral and mosques
9) Sculpture garden
10) Beaches and sunsets
11) Omodos Village
12) Fly adventures
13) Zoos
14) Adventure Parks
15) Music and pool parties

Once again, I want to recall the beautiful romantic song from Sultan which we listened on our whole journey again and again, it was – …… Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi..  Dear limassol ! you are unique, you are special, you are beautiful and unforgettable.


यो पोष्ट साइप्रस भ्रमणमा आधारित छ । साइप्रस भ्रमणका सेरोफेरोमा लेखिएका अरु लेखहरु क्रमश पढ्नुहोस्, सजिलो हुनेछ ।

१ चिनियाँ मुस्कान
२ साँझ समुन्द्र र रंगीन क्षितिज
३ नेपाली स्वाद रोमानी सत्कार
४ मध्ययुगीन गढी र युद्धका डोबहरू
५ प्रेमिकाको लागि जितेको देश
६ संसारकै पुरानो वाइनको कथा
७ हनी पफ
८ आइया नापाको तरंग
९ बाइ बाइ साइप्रस


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